Testimonial Roger Gilbertson

Testimonial Roger Gilbertson
Roger Gilbertson’s
Letter of Recommendation
July 2011

In a previous trip to the Dordogne region, our moderate abilities with the French language left us with many unanswered questions about the area's numerous fascinating sights. But this time, with Steve as our experienced guide and interpreter, all our questions were answered and in great depth. Steve's familiarity with the region's sights, history, exhibits and their staff members allowed us to learn many secrets and to discover hidden details that we would otherwise have missed.

Steve readily spoke to the interests and age levels of our entire group – adults and children – and made our days comfortable and well-paced with his knowledge of the best restaurants, ice cream stops, and restrooms. Two busy days with Steve easily contained many days worth of experiences, and left us with far more intimate pictures of the local stories and histories than we could ever have uncovered on our own.

From the lives and deaths of our distant Neandertal and Cro Magnon ancestors, through vivid tales of medieval times, and modern stories from WWII to Josephine Baker, Steve guided us through many enjoyable surprises, and connected our first-hand experiences to the larger picture of human history.

We can highly recommend Steve Burman and look forward to returning to him for future adventures