Testimonial Paul Gibson & Jerri Gussis

May 31,  2016

Steve and Judie,

We have finally adjusted our internal clocks after returning to Texas from our two week vacation in France, including the five-day custom tour with your agency, Caves & Castles. What a fantastic experience and what fabulous memories you both provided for usl

Somehow you made it possible to achieve quality visits in five caves (Lascaux ll, Rouffignac, Grotte de Cougnac, Font de Gaume, and Pech Merle); three medieval towns; and the National Museum of Prehistory on our custom, five-day tour. The only thing more we could have wished for was another week in other caves and medieval towns in the Dordogne Valley!

Judie, it was a delight to work with you! You seemed like a long-time friend from the beginning - informative, pleasant, cheerful, and very generous with your time communicating about the tour, tour logistics, costs, and even advice about our transportation/travel needs outside of the Caves & Castles tour. All of your communications and suggestions were extremely helpful to us.

And Steve, while you are easy-going, witty, and entertaining; your expertise was exactly what we desired and needed to fulfill and enhance our experience with prehistoric cave art. Your knowledge of the art was incredibly extensive, rich, and authentic. But also, we Breatly appreciate your expertise, academic training, and real-life experience in archeologylanthropology that allows you to provide a deep and full context for prehistoric art, prehistoric archeology, and the ecological and anthropological dynamics of Europe - especially the Dordogne and Southwestern France.

We were so blown away by the cave art that we were somewhat surprised how much we enjoyed the tours of the Bastide towns and medieval Sarlat. They are fun, interesting, and indescribably picturesque places with endless photogenic opportunities on almost every street and in every direction. Steve, once again, your knowledge of historical Europe provided for both silent contemplation and fascinating conversations about the towns and their historical context. Thank you!

The historical (and prehistorical) richness of the Dordogne Region is mind-boggting. The cave paintings, the irresistible medievaltowns, the indescribably quaint and picturesque countryside charmed and mesmerized us. It is now clear to us that anyone serious about history and prehistory of the region will need at least a month there to fully absorb and fathom all the delights to be found! However, for any visitors with only one to five days to spend there, we enthusiastically recommend Caves & Castles Tours to be the guide for a most satisfying, informative, and memorable vacation. We have no doubt that your clients will be richer for the experience!

Some final thoughts: We were profoundly affected by the magnificent prehistoric art we saw and experienced in the caves. Not only were these stunning and beautiful etchings, engravings, and paintings superbly executed by gifted artists; they also are psychological and spiritual communications from 14000 to 30,000 years ago out of the minds of the first modern humans in Europe - the ancestral populations of many Americans and Europeans alive today. Considering their environment, living conditions, and somewhat limited stone-age technology; one can't help but conclude that this art might actually represent the first Renaissance of Homo sapiens sopiens.

We hope to stay in touch.


Paul Gibson and Jerri Gussis

Texas USA