Caves & Castles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The minimum number to run a Tour at our published rates is 2 our maximum is normally 6.  We will not cancel a Tour with only 2 people on it, so if you are first to book, you can confidently make your travel and accommodation plans. See Pricing of Tours.  We will happily run a Tour for one person, but would have to charge extra.  If we had to cancel your Tour for any reason, we would refund your payment(s) - request our Booking Conditions for further details.
Our usual maximum number is 6 because some of the caves will only allow very limited numbers and we don’t want to split groups.   A Custom Tour can be larger, although we prefer working with small groups to make sure everyone gets the best out of the day.
One - but it will cost a little more.
We welcome solo travellers as you will see from our Visitors’ Comments and don't make a surchage.
Some sites involve fairly steep walks on rough tracks, it usually takes about 10 - 15 minutes at a gentle pace and extra time can be allowed. Stopping to look at the scenery is always a good way of taking a ‘breather’!  Seriously, if you’re happy walking up and down stairs, you should be ok - but contact us if you’re not sure, we’re happy to talk things through and advise you. To preserve them, it is important the cave walls are not touched, so you cannot rely on them for support, even wearing gloves.
We make a booking on your behalf into one of our recommended hotels - you settle the bill during your stay which can be by credit card.
To make it cheaper for you!  If we pay on your behalf, due to the French taxation system, we would have to charge you more.
There are various ways - the most popular way is catching a train to Brive-la-Gaillarde rail station which works well from various directions, including Paris. The Man in Seat 61 is a great site to plan European travel - a strange name, but it's full of information!

Some people like to drive here as their time with us is part of a longer holiday and sometimes, travelling by car is simplest, depending on your plans.

Nearest airports are Limoges or Bergerac - plus there is the Brive/Dordogne Valley airport, but the routes are limited. Bordeaux is also a possibility.
We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance, but don’t insist on it - it is your decision. However, a good all risks policy will cover you for delays, lost luggage, cancellation and accident.  It is well worth considering for the peace of mind it gives both yourselves and us. It is best to take out a policy early enough to cover the deposit payment which is non returnable.  We always use travel insurance for our own trips and recommend you do too.
We will let you into a secret!  It is not actually from a cave in the Vezere Valley, but is the work of a modern day artist, Greg Boyd.  We met Greg and his wife, Donna when they booked on a Tour with us.  Greg was already very knowledgeable about cave art, but he was knocked out by the art in the Vezere Valley.  Greg painted this for us having been so inspired by what he saw! Needless to say, we treasure it.  If you would like to see more of Greg's art go to his website. His work his every bit as awesome as that of our ancestors.
We’ve thought about this and talked it over together and these are our conclusions.  Firstly and most importantly, your safety is paramount. Driving on roads around here can be tricky and Steve often has to give his full attention to driving and observing other road users who very often are tourists in a strange vehicle on unknown roads.  Secondly, whilst we sympathise with the problem, we are not the sort of Tour company that gives continual commentary enroute, but Steve does sometimes enter into discussion and tries to answer questions.  If his input can’t be heard around the bus, would those who do hear, please share the information.  We hope you understand our position.