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A few words from us....
It's always very gratifying for us when our Tour - we hesitate to say 'Visitors' because 'Friends' seems so much more appropriate - so when our friends who have joined us for a Tour tell us after their stay how much they have enjoyed their time with us, it gives us a real buzz.  Sometimes they are long messages, other times short, but we always appreciate the time taken to share thoughts and feelings about their experience with us in the Vezere Valley. And sometimes our Tour friends still comment after many years!  For example........

I want to thank you for escorting Pat and I on one of the most life changing vacations I've ever had.
I will now be sharing my experience with a group of fabulous women. And..... if any are inspired to 
have this experience too, I will pass on your information to them.  

Comment from Mikki at Christmas 2017 - she and Pat visited in 2012!

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