Caves & Castles Comments 2017

I loved the tour and particularly enjoyed the frieze at Cap Blanc. It was something a little bit different. I would continue to visit Lascaux 2 as it is very atmospheric, which Lascaux 4 is not, though it is extremely interesting, too and gives the best chance to examine the art in detail.

Thanks again for a memorable experience and a lot of new understanding of our early ancestors. 

Judy, June 2017

Thanks to you and Steve for the tour. I would like to see the art again, it's just too much to absorb in one short trip, plus there are other caves too.
Marcia, June 2017

We have so enjoyed reflecting on our tour with you, showing photos and telling stories. Many thanks for mak-ing us feel at home in such prehistoric settings, among our ancestors! Meeting you was wonderful and we thank you for your many kindnesses, not the least of which was going out of your way to bring us our phone!  Marty and Joe, October 2017

Once again thank you for the well-planned tour of this fascinating part of France
Anita & family, October 2017

Our arranged and personalized tour with a superb tour guide provided a memorable trip and exceeded our expectations in every way. We were unprepared for the difference between the illustrations in our reading compared with our astonishment when standing in front of the art. It was transforming (and I am reminded of this everytime we tell friends and fellow travelers where we have been and what we have seen.) I have a new appreciation of the job of the archeologist, for an expert tour guide, and for the pleasure of archeology.

The hotel and Montignac were just right for us. Your hospitality added a welcome part of the experience.
As I reviewed the multiple emails necessary to make these arrangements I was reminded that the clarity of your answers and sense of what we would be interested in seeing was spot on. As we learned about the difficulty of cave access we were ever more certain that your tour was the right choice. We needed the following week on the river boat (drinking wine and touring wineries) to keep talking about the caves and where we had been.

The consensus was that seeing Lascaux II, III, and IV early on enhanced the experience and importance of what would come later. Best of all was sharing the wonder that overcame everyone when the images appeared in each of the caves and appreciating the differences among the caves. The visit to the Sarlat market provided a good sense of life in the Dordogne and we all enjoyed it. I have no suggestions for improvements, the week was excellent, the arrangements were appropriate, and the cost was right.
Thanks, again. Please share our pleasure and delight with others considering Caves and Castles. Please use us as a reference.
Peter Gold, October 2017