Caves & Castles Comments 2015/2016

Both Jack and I would highly recommend your tour for anyone who is interested in Cave Art.  Steve did a very thorough job of providing information on the history of the area as well as specific information about each cave we visited.  In fact Steve's comments combined with the actual tours of the caves inspired me to read more about the whole subject.  Truly a memorable experience and one not to be missed.  From the inn that Steve and Judie chose for our stay to the very last excursion it was just what we wanted.  Thanks again
Katie and Jack, USA, October 2016 
PS Back home in the US after a week in Paris with Vicki. It was fun, but all said, I much prefer Perigord.

I wanted to let you and Steve know that I got so much more out of the tour than I ever expected. Steve's knowledge, and his willingness to share the latest scholarly findings, as well as his own thoughts on the possible meanings and the history of the images, enhanced the experience tenfold. I could have stayed another week or two.

Thank you for offering this wonderful tour. What a terrific bucket list experience it was! I had the time of my life on the tour!  

Gertie October, USA, 2016

What a trip - ALL of the caves! Steve provided not only an exceptional presentation of the prehistoric art , but a broad and deep anthropological/archeological and ecological context that was EXACTLY what I was looking for! After we get back to Texas and settled, Paul will write a reference letter that you are free to use in your marketing.                                                            
Paul & Jerri Gibson, USA, May 2016

Just to let you know I've arrived home safe and sound. Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was lovely to have met you both.                                                                               
Jac, Ireland October 2016

We had a wonderful time in Paris and a good trip home. We really enjoyed our time with you in the Dorsogne and the tour. Have been trying to catch up at work and with sleep.  We will try to write more about our time with you as we review the info you shared with us and our pictures. We enjoyed meeting both of you and getting to see your beautiful home.                                               
Ken & Betsy May 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful day, thank you to you and Steve. We learned so much not only about the caves, the Ice Age, the status of the culture of the Cro-Magnon in the Perigord, but Steve gave us insight into the region's history from medieval times to the present.  We do review on Trip Advisor on occasion and we certainly will log on to tell others about a very special tour.
Howard and Christina, May 2015

Yes – we had a really great day with Steve! I (Lyn) particularly liked Pech Merle, which was one of the most special sites I’ve ever seen anywhere. The combination of stalactites, stalagmites and other formations with the paintings was really fantastic. And of course the other day and other sites were also v. worth seeing.

So – thanks, Steve, for making our time in Dordogne so much more interesting and informative than we could ever have managed by ourselves.  Your impressive knowledge and your enthusiasm for archaeology and prehistory added greatly to our trip. You knew the best places to go, and were also able to get the difficult to acquire tickets. Not to mention your friendly conversation and heroic driving!

I (Lyn) will now get down to preparing the conference talk, and your input has given me a valuable understanding of the paintings and their likely purposes. (Keeping in mind, of course, that we can only infer what was going on during a distant period with no alphabet that we can understand.)

London feels pretty cold today - about 16' maybe. Quite a change!

With thanks, best wishes, and the hope that we can see you on a return trip!
Lyn & John, June 2015

We really enjoyed Steve's stories about prehistory and his deep understanding and love of the art and culture. I enjoyed very much the book he recommended. Thanks for your care and attention. 
Julia Vetromile, June 2015

We miss the peace of the country already.  Thank you for the wonderful tour.  The kids are still raving about their favorite caves.  Mike and I will send you a longer email when we get back to Canada.  Thanks again. 
Kathy, August 2015

We had a wonderful time with Steve.  Paris is a whole different animal......  The kids just keep talking about how much they loved the caves.  There has been many conversations on which was the best. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.

We got to Toronto last night and decided to stay over instead of driving.  Arrived safe and sound for lunch today.  We had a wonderful time with Steve.  Paris is a whole different animal........ The kids just keep talking about how much they loved the caves. There has been many conversations on which was the best.  Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.     
Mike & Kathy, August 2015

Extract from long blog about entire trip  :
We had booked  a five-day cave-art tour with a highly-recommended 68 year old Brit who lives nearby, and he met us in Brive.    After the first afternoon with our guide, retired historian, anthropologist & Renaissance-man Steve Burman (there was one other person on our tour), I knew we were with someone who could help us to delve into the deepest roots of prehistoric cave art.   Steve's wife Judie handles the business side of their small tour company, Caves & Castles, and is also a warm & wonderful person.         
 Ray & Dorita 25th Sep  2015

Dear Judie, I think our emails may have crossed in cyberspace. In sum, we had a fabulous day.
Tomorrow I will get onto trip advisor and let others know.  Thank you again,

Christina and Howard May 2015