Caves & Castles Comments 2013/2014

Thank you Judie and Steve. Truly a trip of a lifetime. Will send photos when I get home in mid-November. So many more caves to go!  Lucky me.                                   
Fritha and gang, Ocober 2014

One of my goals in life were to visit the caves and see the prehistoric cave paintings.  It was an awe-some experience and we couldn't have had a better guide than Steve.  The accommodations  were delightful, the one in Sarlat being my favorite!   And the food......oh my goodness.......all through the trip the food was fantastic.   I still am awed by the paintings and look at my books frequently.   It certainly changed my image of who Cro-Magnon people and Neanderthals were.            
Judith, November 2014

We did indeed enjoy the whole of the tour -- Monday to Friday as well as the finale at Les Combarelles and Font de Gaume. In fact, though purely by chance, the break was wonderful too as it gave us some time to begin processing what we had seen till then and also to see some contemporary (does Medieval count as contemporary?) sites. That processing has only just begun though and I'm sure will take us awhile to integrate. I'm grateful to Steve for introducing me to the concept of Stendahl syndrome, of which I had never heard but certainly recognize, having worked in art museums and been a museum rat for much of my life.

The trip, although framed on either side by a train strike and then an airline strike, nonetheless, worked out perfectly, and seeing the magnificent artwork and contemplating the ones who created it, gives one a certain perspective on the challenges of modern life. In the end, everything unfolded as planned, and we have now spent our second night back on this side of the pond.

Many thanks for all your efforts and your patience as we planned for this extraordinary experience — number one on my retirement agenda.  All best,                                                              
Jane, June 2014

Yes - we had a great time.  It was delightful to have such a knowledgeable guide taking care of logistics, and making sure we knew what we were seeing.  It was definitely what I expected, and more. I would highly recommend your guide services in the future.

Hopefully, I will be able to find some grant funding for some of my colleagues (and possibly myself), to do a more in-depth study in the future.                                                                              
Barb, July 2014

We truly enjoyed our brief trip to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.  You made our dream a reality and we will forever grateful.  Best Regards,                                                        
Diane and Rod Oct 2014

You never know when you make a reservation for a tour over the Internet how it will turn out. Our primary goal in visiting Sarlat was to see some cave paintings. Hence the tour with Caves and Castles. Quite simply, it was a fantastic day. Steve Burman picked us up at our hotel early in the morning and we visited Lascaux II, Le Thot, and Rouffignac caves. We spent the entire day touring.  I suppose we could have seen all three without a guide, but our day with Steve changed our entire view of pre history man. He had an incredible grasp of information available on early man and presented it in a way that was understandable, fascinating, and relevant to our current lives. The caves he chose to take us to see were truly amazing. We highly recommend Caves and Castles to anyone visiting the area. You won't be disappointed.
David & Jeannie,Oct 2014

The group was great and Steve’s knowledge and enthusiasm were inspiring.
Helen Scotland,

The two days that we spent with Steve were absolutely fabulous! The visit to Font-de-Gaumes in particular was extraordinarily moving. When we return to Salt Spring at the end of May, I plan to write an extensive article about our experience, and will send you a copy which you may freely use as may be helpful on your website.
Kim Murray, Salt Spring, Canada

"We were very impressed by the Dordogne and Steve's expertise in guiding us around the caves of the region. On the first morning it was extremely foggy on the roads and unbeknown to us the cave we wished to visit required someone to que for tickets that morning as these could no longer be booked in advance. Because it was such a rural area, satellite navigation would have been of limited use and it is doubtful that we would have found our way there in time. Judie drove us there in the fog and Steve obtained tickets on our behalf.  Then after that, the tours were in French, requiring a high level of listening comprehension, which Steve surreptitiously translated for us. The caves themselves are life-changing. Due to various pressures we could only spend two days in the Dordogne and I don't think that we could have accomplished as much as we did without Steve's help, as he knew how everything could be put together efficiently without any sense of being in a hurry, including lunch. After just two days we felt like we had been there for a week. Because Steve is widely educated he was able to accelerate our understanding of the Dordogne, it's history, people and way of life."      
Colin, Scotland

Hi Judie, We're leaving for home tomorrow after a very special time in France.

Thoroughly enjoyed our time with Steve, can't image how wasted a visit would be without his guidance. The weather didn't worry us at all & was hot for the beach - perfect. Thank you so much for recommending Arcachon, we loved our few days there.Thanks to you both for the great itinerary, the recommendation of La Roseraie & the guiding that Steve does so well.          
Debbie & Kath Johnston, Victoria, Australia

We had an excellent day with Steve, it was both stimulating and inspiring. As artists we never cease to be amazed at the quality of the paintings and engravings that were produced so many thousands of years ago. Going round the Museum with Steve was so interesting and absorbing as Steve placed all of that in historical context and made us very aware of the development of Cro Magnon man and his tools. Steve wetted our appetite to see more so went down to see both Cougnac  and Pech Merle and were bowled over by the stalagmites and stalactites, as well as the paintings, and found that it was as he said, Disney should have seen it too!  We also went to the Abri de Cap Blanc and were staggered by the beauty and liveliness of the frieze, we had never seen anything quite like it.
We found the tea shop in Goudron, that you recommended, and realised that we had been there before, and I’m sure that we will go there again!
Thank you for telling us about the Museum at Lussac Les Chateaux, we will certainly try and go there on our next visit to France as well as to Le Roc-aux-Sorciers.
We would certainly recommend Steve and will post a note on Trip Advisor. Hope the tours are going well and the weather has improved, its been lovely here today in Yorkshire!
Saul & Liz Salter, Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK

We very much enjoyed our time with Steve, and also meeting you.  Be assured we will recommend your services to our travelling friends.                                                                            
Ron & Jeanine Frank, California, USA

My Mom (who is 88 but quite spry) and I (58 years old) booked a 5-day private tour with Steve and Judie Burman who own the Caves and Castles Tour Company near Montignac in the Dordogne in West-Central France in early June of this year.  It was the most amazing experience EVER!!!  Continues…….
Barbara Ransom, Virginia, USA

We've loved our time in your beautiful area, and we really appreciate Steve's involvement with us and your advice on various things.          
Kathy Wood, Tennessee, USA

It was the best tour I ever had, and it was a bargain. The organization was brilliant. The accommodations, including breakfasts, were exceptional. The guidance was done with the highest level of knowledge and skill. Archeological sites such as Rouffignac, Cougnac, Lascaux II, Abri Cro-Magnon, Font De Gaume, Les Combarelles, Cap Blanc, and Le Thot will remain fondly in my thoughts. The museum visits enhanced the experiences. Thank you so much.                                                                                                
Jackie Corbin, Nashville, USA

Thank you so much for mail with photos. And thank you again for a fantastic tour. The whole experience absolutely met my expectations, I will say it even exceeded them. I enjoyed the nice room in the B&B, all the lovely food and wine, and not at least all the cave-tours and the museum as well. Having Steve lecture for us was like being on a university field trip, I think. (And I still sometimes think that I want to be an archaeologist when i grow up

I would love to come back to Veziere Valley together with my kids some time in the future.
Kirsti Kristen, Fredrikstad, Norway

Our Caves and Castles tour was simply amazing.  Amazingly good, a true learning experience.  Steve's knowledge of the prehistoric research and theories runs deep and wide, and he is able to share it in a compelling way.  (And he can drive at the same time.)  The order of the grotte and abri visits is perfect, each site adding a layer of understanding.  My thinking changed a couple of times each day.   The tour was a real immersion in the archeology of the Perigord, and a rare kind of travel experience.  
Rogers & Tom, Western, Massachusetts, USA

We had a wonderful day, well worth the twenty year wait. ContInues…… Sharon Van Rysewek, USA,

Thank you, Judie.  The tour was wonderful!  I felt like we had gone back to college because we learned so much. We really enjoyed our time with Steve and would recommend the tour to anyone who wants to understand the very important history in this area of France. The cave paintings really moved us. I so appreciate the both of you.  
Gina Kirkland & Patrick, Texas, USA

I’ve just returned to Australia but Geraldine will be travelling for some time yet. On her behalf, thank you Steve for an informative tour; our time in the Dordogne was relaxing and a great opportunity to learn about the rich pre-history and history of that beautiful part of the world. Lucky you to live there!          
Veronica, Charnwood, Australia

I thought Steve was wonderful. I can’t imagine the Lascaux and Le Thot visits without his knowledge and insight and would repeat in a heartbeat.              
Helene Buisson, Canada