Caves & Castles Comments 2012/2013

The two days that we spent with Steve were absolutely fabulous! The visit to Font-de-Gaumes in particular was extraordinarily moving. When we return to Salt Spring at the end of May, I plan to write an extensive article about our experience, and will send you a copy which you may freely use as may be helpful on your website.
Kim Murray, Salt Spring, Canada, April 2013

My excitement and enthusiasm for seeing the caves has increased with each one. I learned so much in a brief period of time Prehistory really came alive for me.  Many thanks.
Percy , Stevenson, Maryland USA, May 2013

Thank you for showing us the prehistoric caves and fulfilling a desire I had to see them.
Barbara, Bethesda, Maryland, USA,May 2013

Thank you for your amazing hospitality and for going above and beyond to help when I fell sick. Tours were fascinating and well paced and I am very happy to have a greater insight into what we were seeing. Food was fabulous!! Will be recommending to all, wish you much success.
Judith, Quinns Rocks, Western Austrialia, May 2013

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip - so well choreographed and arranged - leading us step by step into prehistory and teasing us to learn more. Your gracious hospitality has been a special feature of this trip as well. Merci tres bien!
Ginny, Shoreham VT, USA, May 2013

This has been a wonderful adventure, in a beautiful landscape. Your home is very inviting and comfortable. I thank you so much for making my stay one I shall always remember, seeing the cave drawings was the highlight. Thank you Steve for sharing your vast knowledge. Thank you Judie for making my stay so comfortable.
Mary, Camberland Centre, ME, USA,May 2013  

A most enjoyable experience. Wonderful kind hosts.  
Lorraine, Suffolk Park, NSW, Australia,May 2013

Thank you both for opening your home and for making my stay here the very best part of my visit to France. Great food and hospitality, wonderful company and an opportunity to learn about our past in a way that no books or TV specials ever could. The information was conveyed in an easy-to -understand manner, from a depth of knowledge and experience. Apart from the factual knowledge and information, I got a sense of the spirituality of the cave art, most especially at Lascaux II, Font de Gaume and Les Combarelles. I could never have visited all these caves and understood so much without your help. Thank you for all, and I hope to see you again in the future.
Dan, Vancouver, Canada,

This entire adventure has been fantastic! I had very high expectations from what I had read, but the experience far exceeds my highest expectation. The history, the food, the conversation, it needs to be experience to be understood!
Donna, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip back into Pre-history and your warm hospitality, for the laughter and great food.  Look forward to reading some of the books I’ve seen on your shelves.
Marlen, Boca Raton, Florida , USA

Once in a lifetime we are able to have a glimpse of our existence. This week with Steve has given us that opportunity.

Thank you Judie for being such a delightful hostess and being so attentive to our special needs.
David & Linda Anderson, Florida, USA - May 2012

Visiting the caves - a dream come true! Thanks to Judie for her warm and generous hospitality.
Michael, Toronto, Canada - May 2012

Hats off to a good teacher and good guide, Steve, and an exceptionally warm and gracious host, Judie, for a week of discovery.
Susan & Jim, New York, New York , USA - May 2012

Merci, thank you, gracias……

Dear Judie and Steve you are the most gracious hosts and I so appreciate all that you do to make us feel s though we’ve been friends for years. Steve’s knowledge and expertise is like attending a master class in Medieval History and Pre-historic cave art. Judie’s warmth and fabulous meals were a delight. We also had an opportunity to eat locally at restaurants nearby. And…..did I mention the local wines. Judie greeted us every day upon our return with a perfect glass of wine.  One week went by in a flash, but I’ll have these beautiful memories for ever.  

PS I forgot to mention how wonderful it was to find a wonderful soap and lots of hot water!
Mikki, Lake Stevens, Washington, USA - May 2012

Judie, I can’t thank you enough for your warmth, kindness and attention to detail. I was so comfortable, not to mention well fed and honestly don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much in my life.  Steve you made a life long dream come true - I am aware that many if not all of the caves and sites you showed Mikki, Claire and me may be closed down permanently, so it was imperative to see so much as possible before then - and you certainly gave us the great tour.  I’ll have much to mull over during the ensuing years. Can’t ever look at human history in the same way. Thanks for chatting with me about archaeology - not many opportunities for me to do that.

Fondly and with many thanks,
Pat,  Bellevue, Washington, USA - May 2012

I’ve wanted to see the cave paintings and carvings for so long and when I finally googled you I realized it might actually work, but I had no idea how moving and powerful, tender they would be and without your knowledge Steve, would not have been able to see, understand and even find most of the mysterious hidden places.

And - Judie - thank you for your kindness and quiet organisation and welcome home each evening.

Thank you for letting me find what I’ve been looking for and finding that it is even better than I’d hoped.

I forgot to mention the FOOD!  Again, you found marvelous restaurants in parts no-one has reached.
Claire, London, UK - May 2012

My sister, Cynthia, and I have talked about visiting France for quite some time - specifically to visit Font de Gaume. Last year, Cyn said “Let’s do it!” and thus began what would become one of the most memorable trips of my life! I couldn’t have imagined how much I would learn - nor how fine the fellowship would be with fellow travelers, Karrie & Marie.  The knowledge Steve happily shares…Judie’s warm and wonderful hospitality (such a nice smile to come home to after a full day of ‘caving’). The excellent meals and soups (Judie, your tomato ‘souper’ meal was the best!!!) It all makes it that much harder to leave Le Rosiers tomorrow. There truly is no way to describe how much this time has meant to me. Just as there are no words to convey how moved I was after finally making it to Font de Gaume. It is all wrapped up in one marvelous package - 5 days that will hold a cherished place in my memory always! Thanks for a magical week!  We will return!!!
Becky, Charlotte, North Carolina,  USA - May 2012

Steve & Judie - really don’t know how to begin and will say the last evening driving up to the house from our
day’s adventures was very sad, as I knew this would be the last time (for a while!) that I would be driving down the wonderful country road back to Les Rosiers fo the night.

It has been a truly lovely experience visiting the many places we did!  Dinners were wonderful and so many
happy memories!  The ‘personal menu’ from the restaurant at Montignac and the 2 wonderful dinners spent here will always be remembered. We were really blessed to have Marie and Karrie here - we all got along so very well.  Evenings spent out front examining all the rocks in the gravel!!!  I can almost hear Judie saying “that would be good fun”!

You two are the greatest. Thanks for the wonderful memories.                      
Cynthia, Columbia, So Carolina, USA - May 2012

You guys have made my journey to France my all-time best trip. It really has been like spending a holiday with old friends. I learned so much from you, Steve, about a subject I’m passionate about! Thanks for patiently answering the hundreds of questions, and for always having such a great humor.

Judie, thanks for your delicious cooking, and keeping us company as we excavated your front yard. You are awesome. Marie, Becky and Cynthia - could not have had better cohorts to share the experience!

If ever I come back to France, I’ll definitely have Les Rosiers on the agenda!

Karrie, Albuquerque, N>M. USA (currently in Moscow, RV) -May 2012

Like Steve’s story about how to say “I can’t thank you enough” in French - how do I thank you enough?  This has been one of my best trips ever, largely due to Steve’s knowledge and passion and willingness to share and due to Judie’s wonderful hospitality and enthusiasm. And also due partly of course to the caves. The whole trip has exceeded all expectations, in all ways. It was a fun group - and although you can’t take the credit for who signs up for the group, I expect you always attract a group of interesting traveled people. These were the best.
Thank you so much.
Marie, Buxton, ME, USA - May 2012

This visit has been all we'd hoped for and more. First, you are wonderful hosts, understanding and adapt-able. Second, you understand and appreciate the region and are superb at communicating that under-standing to others. This has truly been the visit of a lifetime, and we have you to thank.  So - thank you!!
Mel & Pam Washburn, Chicago, Illinois, USA - Apr/May 2012