2009 & earlier

Caves & Castles Comments 2009 & Earlier

2009 & earlier
A fantastic holiday in a beautiful place with wonderful hosts. To see the Vezere in a sunny autumn was a great experience - very peaceful. To see the caves was awe-inspiring.

Wonderful to have everything organised for us just the way we like it - the place, the food, visits - so relaxing. Love the walnuts! Such a peaceful way to get to know my ancestors.      
Tom & Tabitha, Totnes, England, October 2009

Thank you very much for your marvelous hospitality, the good and the flawless visits that Steve took us to have a unique lifetime experience. Steve, you are a passionate archaeologist who is very knowledgeable about the place, the caves, the paintings the artifacts and many stories behind the discoveries; I learnt very much from you on this trip. You are always welcome to our home in Pittsburgh. With best of love and regards.
Sam, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2009

Thank you for the delicious food, fabulous wine and wonderful hospitality. It was an amazing experience to see the caves! The country is beautiful and we will be back for more! New York loves you baby!!!!!!
Jackie & Louie, New York,October 2009

This has been the best introduction to France & Europe that I would ever have imagined. My four greatest interests were all covered - Archaeology, History, Food & Good Company.  Thank you for the hospitality, excellent instruction and guiding. We learned so much that it will be a long while before it is digested. Speaking of digestion, what can we say about the food? The food was incredible, whether at Les Rosiers or at La Source or at Auberge de Layotte. I could go on and on but I will leave it at a simple THANK YOU.  
Edith & Louis, Vancouver, Canada,September 2009

What an incredible six days! Steve you were a wonderful guide, opening our eyes to the wonders of the dark caves. It will be a trip Jack & I will remember and shar with family and friends for a long time.  The food was so good and such memories for me. It was like returning to my childhood even though I did not grow up in France. Thank you so much, Steve and Judie, for your hospitality and friendship.        
Bernadette & Jack, Quincy, USA, September 2009

Thank you for making this aspiring cartoonists dream come true! I couldn’t have made it here without you!. The caves were more than anything I could have imagined and I’ve learned more in this past week than I have in the three years I’ve spent reading books on the topic.  I’m sure my graphic novel will be far more rich and educated than it ever would have been without this tour.  I WILL BE BACK FOR SURE!! Hopefully with a copy of my book in tow for you.  
Megan, Putney, USA September 2009
Note from Steve & Judie - we love the sketch in our Livre d'Or (see above). Thanks Megan.

Many, many thanks Steve & Judie. It’s been another fantastic week and it’s really lovely to be looked after so well and not having to think about a single thing other than enjoying ourselves!
Janet & Andrew, Cambridgeshire, September 2009

A very relaxing week, but with plenty of interest packed in as well. Fascinating area, I can see why Steve & Judie moved here. I’m very grateful for the excellent hospitality and knowledgeable guiding. Thanks to both Steve & Judie, a great holiday.
Amy, Cumbria, September 2009

Steve & Judie - Thank you for a perfectly wonderful week.  Sharing your enthusiasm for cave art and life in general has been a special treat - one we will never forget.  Every aspect of our stay here has greatly exceeded our expectations.  Thanks for your kindness, warmth, hospitality, knowledge and good humour.  We hope to be back again soon and we hope you will visit us one day in Virginia.                        
Greg & Donna, Virginia, June 2009

What a wonderful visit! Judie & Steve, you have made my dream come true and more beautifully than any dream could be - many, many thanks.
George, Maryland, USA, June 2009

Judie & Steve, Thank you so much for a perfectly lovely visit. We couldn’t have been better cared for. Has been an educational and inspiring trip.  Warmest thanks.        
Carol, New York June 2009

An absolutely fabulous week that came to an end all too soon.  The holiday format was first class with Steve being an absolute font of knowledge Both Judie & Steve made us extremely welcome and nothing was too much trouble.

‘Till we meet again!
Mike, Sunderland, May 2009

Ditto to all of Mike’s comments above.  The week was a fine balance of cave visits, learning the background, pausing for coffee, excellent home-cooked meals and dinners at the most interesting places.  The pace was both relaxed and full of events. Thanks!!
Mary, California, May 2009

Many, many thanks for a truly memorable time in such beautiful country. We shall be back for more!
Martin & Karin, Sixpenny Handley, April 2009

Our stay with you has been great, a wonderful start to a birthday celebration.  We have gained an understanding of life in prehistory and had a happy experience of life in the Vezere Valley today.  Thank you for your caring hospitality and your friendship.
Barbara & Lynn, Chatam, USA September 2008

Great company, great caves, great food - all great! Thank you both from us both!  It’s been great fun.  Enjoyed it all - too much to see in too little time!
Ann & Margie, Baltimore, USA September 2008

A feast for the eyes and the stomach!  Return visitor. Amazing time had yet again, enjoyed it immensely.
Anthony, London UK, September 2008

Met at the airport and driven round for a week - what service.  The visits were amazing and the hospitality faultless - food, drinks, accommodation, everything.  Thanks very much, we will be back.      
Bryan & Toshie, Barnet , UK July 2008

Sophie ( age 12)  I loved all the caves they were fab.  The pool was GREAT fun.  Do I have to go home? (When can I come again?)                                                                    
Sophie , Hatfield, UK July 2008

I have had a very happy time with Judie & Steve.  I thank them very much for all they have done to help me enjoy a great re-visit and lots of good outings.                                            
Doris (Mum) Carter, Christchurch, UK July 2008

You have gone way beyond the call of duty to assure that our visit was worry free and enjoyable. Your help in navi- gating the French medical system will be forever remembered and appreciated!  Steve your knowledge is amazing and you are a wonderful teacher. Judie, thank you for helping making our arrangements at short notice and for your wonderful meals!  We have learned, laughed and had an incredible time.  I can’t think of a better way for anyone to be introduced to the French countryside and to all of our early beginnings.  Muchisimas gracias!
Alynda & Brett Best USA June 2008

After long and many communications, ours plans finally came to fruition.  Thank you so much for your support, fortitude, persistence and help!!!  Truly enjoyed our visit here - thank you again.
Larry, Jan & Heather June USA 2008

“What a splendid holiday! Your hospitality was gracious and so appreciated.  Where to begin? Very informative. Steve’s insight, effective explanation and translation were invaluable for me. I have learned so much........

Fabulous gourmet food - more than I would expect from a 5 star hotel. Meals on the patio, picnics with glassware, cutlery and fresh fruit. Tea in the afternoon with cakes - what a treat!  Thank you both very much.
Marty, Salt Lake City USA June 2008

Such generosity of care, of food, taking us out, giving information and sharing with us your passion for the caves,
                                                                                           I thank you both.                                                                                                      
Ann, Bristol, UK June 2008

Great organisation, planning, hospitality, caves, team, success - thank you.
Ann, Campbeltown,Scotland June 2008

“Wonderful trip - I loved having the company of a group (as a single lady with no friends interested in prehistoric art to travel with!) and the personal and flexible type of vacation of an independent traveler.  Not like a big group tour at all. It was great having everything all taken care of, from the travel to the entry tickets to the food - and the house is very clean and modern, yet with old country charm.  Thanks so much.               Sharon, Minnesota, USA May 2008

Great place, great sights, great food, great company!  We have very much appreciated not only the hard work and effort that has gone into giving us such a lovely time, but he thoughtfulness behind it too.  Even the rain has provided memorable moments and excitement! Thank you both so much.            
Janet & Andrew, Cambridge, UK May 2008

“What a fabulous 2 weeks experience! Marc said: all I had to do was pour wine and take pictures - everything else was left to Steve & Judie.  Their incredible thoughtfulness and warm hospitality made the visits to caves, castles, gardens, medieval towns fascinating and mind expanding.  We learned so much yet were relaxed - the days were well planned - we did a lot without feeling rushed, there was time for spontaneous detours and there were many ‘extras’ - the vendange (grape harvesting) and the 9 course feast afterward, the walk to Lascaux, and the informative visits to many early gothic churches.  We had been wanting to visit Dordogne for years and this far exceeded all expectations (we even found enough foie gras for Marc!)”            
Marc & Vivian, Washington DC, USA October 2007

“I would like to  thank Steve & Judie for their outstanding hospitality, engaging knowledge of the area and making us feel relaxed and comfortable, not forgetting Judie’s amazing culinary delights - delicious! Thanks again and look forward to our next visit”.            
Anthony McAndrew, London September 2007

“Another wonderful week spent with Steve & Judie.  Second visits to many grottes, so much more seen and under-stood but feel a third visit would be beneficial!  Watch this space.”                                    
Millie, Bridport June 2007

“Thank you for a wonderful introduction to the caves of this region which I had long wished to see. This is the first of what I hope will be many visits with you. Next time - canoeing and fennel ice cream!”
Joyce, New Jersey, USA June 2007

“Thanks for a really wonderful time.  Lovely place, lovely food, stunning area and excellent hospitality.  A holiday to remember”  We have learnt so much and ‘toujours les questions’ Steve. Feel I have a good base of knowledge through Steve’s help from which to research more.  Cannot get over how wonderful the cave paintings are - they leave me in awe of our ancestors.
Penny & June, East Yorkshire, May 2007

“Meeting Steve & Judie at church on Christmas day led us to spending this memorable day with them. To be treated by all of Steve’s vast knowledge and Judie’s warm hospitality will always be a special memory.  Thank you”.
Ian Ali & family, Hamilton, New Zealand, December 2006

“A truly wonderful peaceful spot.  We have been blessed with warm sunny days and have been spoiled by Steve & Judie.  They have put together a fantastic programme for us and we are truly grateful.  Back to bustling Bridport tomorrow - sadly.”            
Baz & Millie, Bridport, November 2006

Absolutely marvellous hospitality and every kindness imaginable - including taking Richard for an emergency appointment with the dentist! “                                                      
 Sheila, Kay, Richard & Marie, September 2006